Career in Fashion Design: How to start freelance and make money (+free freelance kit)

Career in Fashion Design: How to start freelance and make money (+free freelance kit)

By Lekha | February 2, 2017

Oh boy! Such a looooooooong post, I could never make it! This is what I think when I see a long post. But you want to make money with freelancing right? And you don’t want to miss the ultimate freelance kit, don’t you? But hey! I’m not gonna bore you 🙂 So you wanna start […] Read more…

Let's get into the insights of fashion sketching through

The truth about Fashion Sketching: Types, Time and Money

By Lekha | January 18, 2017

First of all, if you are a fashion illustrator or the one who wants to make money with your fashion sketches, then this post is might not be for you! And if you are a designer, who design clothes and use fashion sketching to communicate ideas into paper, then definitely yes, I’m talking about you. […] Read more…

fashion figure templates

Fashion Figure Templates

By Lekha | January 8, 2017

Fashion Sketching is the first thing we do as soon as an idea hit our brain. As a beginner, drawing a croquis itself takes lots of time and by the time we want to transfer your ideas into design, we might miss any details. Its good to put designs on paper as soon as possible to […] Read more…

fashion design sketches

How to color Fashion design sketches

By Lekha | January 5, 2017

We all knows that Fashion design sketches needs lots of practice, effort, patience and time. As a beginner, some might be nervous with fear that they might not make it and quit even before they get started, while others make it to the half way and quit of difficulty like I did when I started to learn […] Read more…