5 Minute fashion sketching series #sketchin5 (sketch 5)

learn how to make #fashionillustrations in 5 minutes with these step by step tutorials on how to draw fashion design sketches for beginners. This is for you if you are a sewing beginner or fashion illustrator or learning fashion design or hobbyist or diy craft lover.

This is cut out technique and you will need a printer for this to photocopy.

P.s. This is #sketchin5 series, where you can find how to draw fashion sketches in 5 minutes or less. Here i cover all the easy and advanced techniques I personally use when making fashion sketches. I already covered all the basics of fashion sketching in my 30 days fashion sketching course.

Step 1: Download the templates from the library or make your own croquis.

Free fashion design templates #sketchin5

Step 2: Draw any Dress or use mine below.

Step 3: Cut away the dress from the croquis.

Step 4: Place the croquis in any interesting surfaces and that surface forms as a pattern. Cool right? No need to fuss! Just place on a surface and photograph it. you can use fabrics, outdoor scenes, leaves, flowers, almost anything.


Step 5: Photocopy and render. Voila! (you can find quick help on rendering here and you can find in depth tutorials in this free course).

See you with the next tutorial.

Till next time, Lekha 🙂


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