Designing a clothing line: Fun exercises to up-level your creativity.

Just like you need to warm up before any workout, you need to warm up your mind before designing a fashion collection just to keep your creativity on the flow.

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There are times that you cannot work because of creative blocks during the process of designing a clothing line when you feel like no ideas at all or just the starting trouble of nervous to get started.

This is where these exercises get handy. I put together a 5 days challenge with my favorite 5 exercises that are going to help you deal with creative blocks or get creativity flow when you are stuck with no ideas or right before designing a fashion collection.



Most of these exercises take under 30 minutes, sometimes longer if you take stretch exercises but totally worth.

Today we go through the first exercise together now and once you sign up below, you will receive worksheets that go along and I will be sending other 4 exercises one per day for the next 4 days.

I recommend you to try all these exercises in the coming days and pick your favorites and work on them before designing a fashion collection each time.

You can even use it in the middle of your designing process just to distract your mind from overwhelm and freshen your mind.

Not only these exercises warm you up, but they also help you to develop your creative skills.

You will get the step by step process and any templates to help you with the exercises each day or you can use any sketchbook to get started.

Before we begin, I want you to remember these 3 rules:

#1 There is no correct process or no right way. Don’t overthink and stuck whether or not you are doing it right or wrong. Just keep doing and remember you are unique from other people and so do your designs.

#2 Let go of perfection. No one is looking into your designs, it’s just you. So don’t try to be super perfect. even if you don’t like some, it’s OK. It’s all about the progress.

#3 Don’t Quit. Maybe you might not like some or not enough motivated to go forward and that’s totally normal. But don’t just quit. Try to make a little step each day. If you can’t do one exercise completely in a day, take 2 days or even a week to do it.

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Today we will practice Element switching.

This exercise is going to help you with creative blocks. Most people stuck in creativity because…
  • They are out of thoughts,
  • They can’t think of anything new,
  • Maybe it’s not a creative time for them or,
  • Has not enough focus.
The creative process cannot be forced and wait till they get those creative thoughts. By then it might take too long to even get started. I’m over all of these blocks and I started thinking of way that my brain involves less and creativity just flows when ever we want to. This exercise is just a little one, that prepares your brain to get into creative works even if you feel completely not ready. I highly recommend you do this before any big design project or designing a clothing line.

For this exercise you need:

  • (or get some fashion magazines like vogue or elle)
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sketchbook (You can use any sketchbook you already have or you can use fashion collection workbook if you already have it or use some of my recommended sketchbooks below)

The time required for this exercise is between 15-30 minutes. You can use the timer below for extra support.

Step By Step Process

#1 Collect 3 Elements of clothing, meaning fashion details like different necklines, hem, sleeves, embroidery, print or any different fashion details. Just type fashion details or couture details inside Pinterest and you can find tons of images.

If You are using magazine, Pick any 3 interesting details from a dress that you loved.

#2 Draw a Shift dress or you can use it from the worksheet.

#3 Create 3 versions of the shift dress by applying one element on each one.

And that’s it. Super easy yet such a powerful design development exercise that gets you into creative thinking even if you are not ready.

You can stop here or you could take it to next level if you have more time by working on the ideas below.

Best Practices and Taking it to next level

Try different silhouette:

I asked you to work on shift dress because it is easy and good start but you can try this exercise on different silhouette like coats, pants, long gown or a top or anything to stretch your creativity to next level.

Make Full fashion sketch:

We worked on flat sketches in this exercises, but once you are done with developing, try to draw it on croquis and make a fashion sketch with colors of your choice.

Apply Multiple elements:

We just applied one detail for one dress but you can try 3 or more elements to one silhouette instead of one per silhouette. This process is so amazing to see how different elements from different clothes come together to form a unique design.

And that brings us to the end of today’s exercise that’s gonna help you warm up for designing a clothing line.

Unlock the next 4 fashion exercises and the worksheet by signing up below.

Let me know if this helps in the comments and Hope you have amazing creative time.


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