33 creative tasks for fashion designing (Quick + Easy)

Each of us got a dream of going after passion and make a career in fashion designing,

but the thing is,

We only have 24 hours in a day to work out with our daily routines, family stuff, kids which almost drains our energy to the peeks.

And then the dream becomes secondary and forgotten in time.

We may not set hours to work on our dream but you do have tiny periods in between like 5 min or 10 min while having coffee or waking up 5 minutes early etc right?

Why not use that time to keep your creativity going and taking a step closer to your dream.

These are the things I like to do when I get any little time and I thought maybe it helps you too by giving some ideas.

Pick the ones that sound interesting to you from the list below and you are free to add any extras of your choice.

Here’s the tip:

If you track your time by noting what you do every day, I’m sure you will discover at least 1 hour in your day that was wasting.

so next time you have little time, pick one from these and put it there.

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I even made a cute pdf to go along with these tasks and you can download to your phone and use it on the go.

You can use any Fashion sketchbook for these activities or Use Fashion collection workbook.

33 Fashion Design tasks to Boost Your Creativity

  • Watch a fashion show and doodle any ideas
  • Uplevel Your creative skills with this Free Masterclass on Fashion design. This is one of my favorite trainings I ever made…

  • Create a Pinterest board and collect inspirations

  • Set up croquis bank (collect all croquis in one place like a Pinterest board)
  • Learn a new technique of fashion illustration
  • Go for a walk and capture any interesting to use as inspiration
  • Find something in your home that inspires you for design ideas and take pictures
  • Set up a sketchbook for the year
  • Visit an art store and explore new mediums
  • Learn a new embroidery stitch
  • Explore a designer dress. (find a dress image and think about how do you do it if you have to make it. any better ideas? just doodle).
  • Get a new art material. (A new pencil would do).
  • Meditate for focus and mindset or anything you like for 3 minutes (I use Headspace app each morning for guided meditation for 3 minutes)
  • Reverse engineer an old dress and make notes and pattern (Cut an old dress and try to recreate, take notes and images throughout the process)
  • Learn a sewing skill with easy patterns
  • Join a free course.
  • Invest in a new fashion design book to upgrade your skills (you can get 2 audiobooks for free when you sign up for Audible free trial, You can access the books for one whole month for free and then you can cancel if you don’t want to)
  • Watch a fashion documentary (you can try amazon prime Free for one month here and you can cancel after your free trial if you don’t want to).
  • Challenge yourself to make One Sketch that you can frame it and put it on your wall.
  • Set up career goals, You can use the goals worksheet from the library
  • Setup your dedicated workplace. look out for a tiny place in your home and turn it to your workspace so you don’t feel uninterested to work.
  • Plan your design studio. not a big one, think small. make a wishlist of what you need and this way, you can save little by little to buy things and you know what to buy with any extra money you have. Few essentials are a desk with draws, chair, laptop, sewing machine (for sampling), dress form, bookshelf, dustbin, penholder, art materials, stationery.
  • Setup an email dedicated for design works
  • Join FB group that inspires you
  • Connect with some like-minded in an online group for support and help
  • Visit fabric store and discover new fabrics
  • Research fashion happenings in your city like exhibitions, tradeshows and plan your visit
  • Setup your style file. set up a Pinterest board and collect any images of celebrities and interesting clothes that you like to incorporate in your clothing
  • Know your colours and body.
  • Go for window shopping. I know it takes more than 20 minutes to visit and come back but not necessary if you have a smartphone. You could visit an online store and check for new arrivals and popular pieces.
  • Start collecting fabric swatches and this way you know what to use to your designs and how it drapes when you are designing
  • Put separate files for each of your works, sketches, fabric samples, etc…
  • Learn fashion words
  • Develop some designs in your sketchbook.

How to Get started with these fashion design creative tasks?

Now you got a list of activities to work on, but if you still need motivation,

why not make it fun?

Let’s play the game BINGO!

  • Download the bingo worksheet from the library
  • I want you to select 9 activities from the list
  • Put them on the bingo sheet, One activity on each block
  • Every time you complete an activity, cross it
  • When you are done 3 activities in any line, it could be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You could celebrate with a little treat for yourself
  • And when you complete the whole blocks of Bingo, It is time for a big celebration.

How does that sound?

To make this deal even sweeter, email me your bingo sheet and all your 9 completed tasks and I’ll give you Fashion collection workbook For free as a gift to celebrate your progress.

So here’s the action steps:

  • Download bingo worksheet from library
  • Print it out
  • Pick 9 creative tasks from the list
  • Fill your Bingo card
  • Complete the lines on your bingo sheet
  • Celebrate each time you complete a line
  • Complete the full bingo
  • Send the works to me
  • I will be sending you the gift of fashion collection workbook to celebrate your progress.

All these little work adds up a lot in a time when you design your fashion collection or design clothes for others.

P.S. Also, make sure you check this Free Masterclass on Fashion design. This is one of my favorite trainings I ever made…

Let me know if you are on this challenge in the comments below.


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  1. Hi, thanks sharing
    I am applying to go to a fashion school and I’ve been asked to make a portfolio. Any advice on what I should and shouldn’t include in the portfolio? (P.S: I have just beginner skills in sewing)

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