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You wanna become a fashion designer

but for some reason, you couldn’t have formal education and don’t know where to get started.

You are overwhelmed with too much information out there and don’t even know where to begin or the end, nor you got thousands of dollars to invest or years of time to go to a fashion school.

You are looking for a way to learn step by step process in clear action steps that you can implement right away.

Well, You are in the right place!

Now, what goes into fashion designing and becoming a fashion designer.

The main role of a fashion designer is creating unique concepts and applying them according to their customer and trends.

I’m going to give you the whole picture and some beginning steps to get you on the right path.

First of all, you need to make sure you picked your goal.

For example, going to a trip is not your goal, going to someplace is your goal. Is it France? or Hawaii?

Similarly Fashion designer is not your goal and you got 3 options to get super specific.

Option 1: Fashion designer job in some brand. (Psst. If this is you, don’t waste your time on the internet. Go get a fashion degree. You need certificates to get a job)

Option 2: Custom fashion designer, meaning you design for other individual people on order like a birthday dress, wedding dress etc. You can even do consulting services like wardrobe design or Personal styling.

End of the day, you will design clothes and hire a seamstress to create your designs and you need marketing skills to get clients or you could totally hire the marketing part.

This requires fewer expenses to get started since you design only when someone places an order.

Option 3: Ready to wear Designer, meaning you design clothing line every season and sell them.

You will take care of all the design part and you need to work with manufacturing factories to develop your clothing line in multi colours and sizes. Then you need marketing skills (or hire) either to sell on your own boutique or online store or to sell them to retailers at wholesale.

For this, you need upfront investment to develop the clothing line and maintain the stock.

Your first task is to identify your goal.

If you have observed, whatever goal you picked, the core skills of a designer is designing and developing concepts and everything else can be hired or comes secondary for a fashion designer.

People can easily get stuck with the design process when the don’t know how to put their ideas on brain to paper visually. Obviously you can’t think of designs and put them inside your brain. You need to communicate your ideas to other people, perhaps your team or your customer.

You can pull your ideas out of your brain with the power of fashion illustration. And that is not really tough when you have easy process and steps even if you don’t know anything about the drawing before.

And this is why I created 10 Days fashion Illustration course for beginners that helps you draw amazing fashion sketches in easy ways.

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