5 Minute fashion sketches series #sketchin5 (sketch 4)

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Today we explore tie and dye technique which is the most easiest and quickest fashion sketching technique.

All you need to do is wet the surface with plain water and drop the paint little by little in any pattern on it.

Finally, the water on the surface spreads the colour leaving tie and dye effect.

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P.s. This is #sketchin5 series, where you can find how to draw fashion sketches in 5 minutes or less. Here I cover all the easy and advanced techniques I personally use when making fashion sketches.

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Step 1: Download the templates from the library or make your own croquis.

Free fashion design templates #sketchin5

Step 2: Draw the clothes or use mine.

Step 3: wet the surface with lots of water and add a little drop of colour and you can see the colour spreads throughout, which looks like this.

Step 4: For the pant, wet with water and in stead of drops i painted straight lines, you can use circles or any kind of patterns. Just keep experimenting.

Step 5: Let it dry completely and add shading with dark colour pencils or black and finally outline in black pencil or marker. You can find quick help in colouring here.

So That’s it! I can’t wait to see how your sketches turned out. Use the hashtag #sketchin5 so I can find you.

P.s. If you want to learn fashion sketching try 10 Days Fashion Sketching Course for free here

Until next time….

Lekha 🙂


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