5 Minute fashion sketches #sketchin5 (Sketch 3)

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Sometimes a simple geometrical shape can turn into an amazing masterpiece. Today’s technique is about turning triangles into a beautiful fashion sketch.

P.s. This is #sketchin5 series, where you can find how to draw fashion sketches in 5 minutes or less. Here i cover all the easy and advanced techniques I personally use when making fashion sketches.

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Step 1: Download the templates from the library or make your own croquis.

Free fashion design templates #sketchin5

Step 2: Draw any shapes on your template. It can be circles, squares or anything.

This beautiful template is from designersnexus.com, Here I have a list of places to find beautiful templates.

Step 3: Fill the shapes with your favourite colours. In fashion sketching course, we already covered how to choose colours for your fashion illustration. Render skin (You can find quick help in skin rendering here).

Step 4: Outline with black. You can use a dark colour pencil in place of black for a more natural look, however, I like to use black for a modern look.

I hope you enjoyed as much I enjoyed making it. I can’t wait to see how your sketch turned out. Use the hashtag #sketchin5 so I can find you. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments.

P.s. If you want to learn fashion sketching try 10 Days Fashion Sketching Course for free here

See you with the next tutorial.

Until then…

Lekha 🙂


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