How to present fashion sketches to reach more people and get better likes

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Do you know people judge your fashion sketches by looking at in the first 2 seconds? If you can make an impression in those 2 seconds, you are a winner!

Most of us spend so much time to make cute sketches and totally forgets about presenting well and this is the reason that we don’t make it to many people.

So friends, here I bring you the 3 most effective methods in the 3 part series that I always use to bring life to my fashion sketches.

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Today I’m gonna show you the first method, which is a very basic yet very powerful technique to enhance your fashion sketches in just a minute or two.

It’s all about cleaning the sketch.

Step 1: Photograph your sketch or scan it. At this stage, your fashion sketch is gonna look dull and foggy kind of (most people upload like this which looks very ugly).

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Step 2: open the website pixlr . If you guys don’t know what pixlr is, it is a photoshop like software which is completely free and runs online. this is how it’s gonna look.

Step 3: Open your sketch photograph.

Step 4: Press control and m buttons together in your keyboard which brings a popup curves window.

Step 5: Now the fun part, play with this little arrows until you are satisfied.

Step 6: save it as jpeg file and you are done.

You can see how better my sketch was instant with just a few clicks. Hope you like this.

Try and tell me how it worked for you in comments. If you like it, please take a moment to share.

In my next tutorial, I’m gonna take you to more advanced and exciting techniques.

P.s. If you want to learn fashion sketching try 10 Days Fashion Sketching Course for free here

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