Presenting fashion sketches the better way with Flatlay

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So we talked about how easily we can enhance our fashion sketches in just few clicks in first part.

Now this is my favorite one that I always use over and over again all the time.

This technique is flat lay, a technique in photography and quite popular from past few years. Flat lay is all about arranging the stuff on a surface and take photograph from top view.

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For this we need 3 types of material.

One is the hero, which is our sketch. (if you want help with drawing beautiful sketches, try my free fashion sketching course)

Second is the background. Usually I use white chart paper on floor. Few ideas for background are:

  • Any colored or textured papers
  • Gift wraps
  • Fabrics
  • Prints
  • News papers
  • Table top
  • Piece of wood
  • Glass
  • Basically any surface goes for background. Choose any 1.

Third is the prop. These can be anything that compliments the hero and here are the few ideas which you can select 2 to 5. For beginner make it simple with one or two props.

  • Live plants
  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Magazines
  • glitter
  • Jewelry
  • Beads
  • Sequins
  • Cosmetics
  • Anything and every little things.

Now we know the material and now it’s about setting the scene.

Flatlay can be planned in two ways.

  1. choose a color palette of 2 to 3 colors and find all the props and background in that colors and arrange and photograph. That’s one way to go.
  2. The other is we create a story and everything revolve around it. Like if our sketch is about swim wear, we can create a story like ‘holiday at beach’ and collect props like shells, sunscreen, travel magazine, travel tickets, sun glasses, volley ball and so on. We can use sand background or bed as background like she was planning a vacation to beach.

So we have background, props and we planned our scene and it’s time to put them all together.

Step 1: Find a place near window or door in your house with good natural lighting and turn off all artificial lights.

Step 2: place the background and tape all the corners to prevent moving.

Step 3: place your sketch on the background.

Step 4: add props as you like. Do not dominate main sketch with lots of props. Try to use different textures and materials.

Step 5: stand high and take your phone or camera and try to shoot very still from the top.

Step 6: now move the props and sketch to different positions and take snap again.

Step 7: continue to move the props and keep on taking pictures.

Step 8: Now select the best photographs and enhance them with the technique that we discussed here.

Step 9: now it’s time to post them to your social media and impress your friends.

Here are some examples to inspire you.

Phew..! lots of work to do right? Trust me you are gonna enjoy this whole process like anything.

If you like this, do take some time to share it and I would love to hear from you on comments.

Oh yes! In the next article we are going to see another great way to beautify your sketch.

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