Make fashion sketches in 5 minutes #sketchin5 (sketch 2)

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Fashion design | How to draw fashion sketches , fashion illustration for beginners

This is one of my favorite techniques I often use in surface ornamentation for sparkles, pearls, borders and many more.

P.s. This is #sketchin5 series, where you can find how to draw fashion sketches in 5 minutes or less. Here i cover all the easy and advanced techniques I personally use when making fashion sketches. I already covered all the basics of fashion sketching in my 30 days fashion sketching course.

Step 1: Download the templates from the library or make your own croquis.

Free fashion design templates #sketchin5

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Step 2: Draw clothes on the templates or use the image below to get started.

Step 3: Paint the skin and clothes in flat color. you can learn more about coloring in the 30 days free course or if you are in hurry, here is a quick tutorial about coloring.

Step 4: Draw thick lines in any dark color, wherever you wanted.

Step 5: Use white gel pen or white paint and add dots throughout the lines and outline with black pen or pencil and you are done!

This technique can be applied for any sketch and sky is the limit. keep experimenting. Below is my previous sketch and you can find the same technique that I used on sleeves and neck area.


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