Career in Fashion Design: How to start freelance and make money (Part 1/5)

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So you wanna start your career in fashion design as freelancer and figuring ways to make some money with your sketches or designs in a way you enjoy and stuck where to start!

Me too!

A few years ago, exactly in a place where you are today.

Lots of mixed feelings, excited to show my talent and make some money. I started browsing internet up and down looking for how to get started and couldn’t get enough clarity. I had to struggle on my own wishing for an advisor or mentor.

I know how it feels and you doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. I’m here today to pump you up to kick start your career in fashion design as freelancer right now. I’m gonna take you through the step by step process of pre-preparations, opportunities, managing time and money, how much to charge as freelancer and the year plan to get you started as a beginner. I will take you through everything you need to know about freelancing.

Since this is a very big topic, I divided in 5 articles, in which this is the very first post! Here I talk about what exactly is fashion freelancing that you need to know.

What is Freelancing and how can I make career in fashion design with freelancing?

In my words, freelancing is doing a service for someone in a price you both agree on for a particular time or project.

You might wonder:

How is freelancing different from a regular job?

Well, we all know job has regular commitment and dedication, where freelancing is lot flexible and can work on your own timings. Sounds fun right?

The main point people miss about freelancing was, you are actually in charge of searching for work! Which means freelancing involves work + Business.

Anyone can become an artist but making that art sell is where the biggest task comes. Whoops!

I advise it would be great to have a part-time job at initial years.

Pro’s and Con’s about career in fashion design as freelancer.

What I like about freelancing is flexible timing and can take off whenever I wanted. But, freelancing is less secured and sometime you may end up with zero projects for months (no big deal if you got a part time job or any other passive income ways). At times you feel so lonely since we work alone without any colleagues (don’t worry take a break and meet a friend or make friends with like-minded online and talk to them).

I hope now you get the basic clarity about what exactly is fashion freelance, Now head over to the following parts, where i discuss the different opportunities in depth which helps you to get started right away.

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