Turn your fashion sketches from OK to AWESOME! The Mockup method

It’s the final part! We covered how to enhance your sketch instantly with few clicks here and we learn the advanced technique called flat lay to get more likes and now we talk about mockups, a highly professional way to display and present your sketch.

So without any delay, let’s begin >>>>

Step 1: It all begins with cleaning your sketch. (if you need help in drawing better sketches, try my free fashion sketching course).

Step 2: Find mockup images. you can find these images from:

  • freepik
  • these colorful images i used are from ivorymix
  • or just type free mockup stock photos in google

I mostly go for paid ones (not very expensive) because free ones are almost used by many people and it doesn’t look much unique to use the same thing that hundred other people had already used.

Speaking of paid, I love creative market. You can find all premium stuff for very reasonable price. I usually buy any kind of digital stuff here. And the best part, every week creative market offers 6 different premium digital materials for free. So hey why not check this week’s freebies here and grab them before it’s too late.

Step 3: Open canva.com. (this is the graphic design online software which comes for free as well as some paid features). now choose custom dimension and type 900 by 700 size. which is suitable for most social media. if you want to post it on Instagram, then choose square size.

Step 4: upload and open the mockup image.

Step 5: Now drag your image in mockup area, adjust the size and you are done.

Finally download as png or jpeg.

Super easy and fun with high quality finish right? Here are some examples to inspire you.

Hope you enjoyed as much as I do and these tips helps you to present sketches better way. If you miss the other two techniques, then you can find them here and here.

I would love to hear you from the comments and if you like it please take a minute to share it.

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Presenting fashion sketches the better way with Flatlay

So we talked about how easily we can enhance our fashion sketches in just few clicks in first part.

Now this is my favorite one that I always use over and over again all the time.

This technique is flat lay, a technique in photography and quite popular from past few years. Flat lay is all about arranging the stuff on a surface and take photograph from top view.

P.s if you need any help drawing fashion sketches, try my 30 days free fashion sketching course.

For this we need 3 types of material.

One is the hero, which is our sketch. (if you want help with drawing beautiful sketches, try my free fashion sketching course)

Second is the background. Usually I use white chart paper on floor. Few ideas for background are:

  • Any colored or textured papers
  • Gift wraps
  • Fabrics
  • Prints
  • News papers
  • Table top
  • Piece of wood
  • Glass
  • Basically any surface goes for background. Choose any 1.

Third is the prop. These can be anything that compliments the hero and here are the few ideas which you can select 2 to 5. For beginner make it simple with one or two props.

  • Live plants
  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Magazines
  • glitter
  • Jewelry
  • Beads
  • Sequins
  • Cosmetics
  • Anything and every little things.

Now we know the material and now it’s about setting the scene.

Flatlay can be planned in two ways.

  1. choose a color palette of 2 to 3 colors and find all the props and background in that colors and arrange and photograph. That’s one way to go.
  2. The other is we create a story and everything revolve around it. Like if our sketch is about swim wear, we can create a story like ‘holiday at beach’ and collect props like shells, sunscreen, travel magazine, travel tickets, sun glasses, volley ball and so on. We can use sand background or bed as background like she was planning a vacation to beach.

So we have background, props and we planned our scene and it’s time to put them all together.

Step 1: Find a place near window or door in your house with good natural lighting and turn off all artificial lights.

Step 2: place the background and tape all the corners to prevent moving.

Step 3: place your sketch on the background.

Step 4: add props as you like. Do not dominate main sketch with lots of props. Try to use different textures and materials.

Step 5: stand high and take your phone or camera and try to shoot very still from the top.

Step 6: now move the props and sketch to different positions and take snap again.

Step 7: continue to move the props and keep on taking pictures.

Step 8: Now select the best photographs and enhance them with the technique that we discussed here.

Step 9: now it’s time to post them to your social media and impress your friends.

Here are some examples to inspire you.

Phew..! lots of work to do right? Trust me you are gonna enjoy this whole process like anything.

If you like this, do take some time to share it and I would love to hear from you on comments.

Oh yes! In the next article we are going to see another great way to beautify your sketch.

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How to present fashion sketches to reach more people and get better likes

Do you know people judge your fashion sketches by looking at in first 2 seconds? If you can make an impression in that 2 seconds, you are a winner!

But before we dive in, If you want to learn How to design Fashion Collection, I recently put together a 5 days fashion inspiration that you might be interested in! click on the image below to check that out an download your worksheets.


Most of us spend so much time to make cute sketches and totally forgets about presenting well and this is the reason that we don’t make it to many people.

So friends, here I bring you the 3 most effective methods in 3 part series that I always use to bring life to my fashion sketches.

Today I’m gonna show you the first method, which is very basic yet very powerful technique to enhance your fashion sketches in just a minute or two.

It’s all about cleaning the sketch.

Step 1: Photograph your sketch or scan it. At this stage your fashion sketch is gonna look dull and foggy kind of (most people upload like this which looks very ugly).

P.s if you want help in drawing fashion sketches, checkout my free fashion illustration course.

Step 2: open the website pixlr . If you guys don’t know what pixlr is, it is a photoshop like software which is completely free and runs online. this is how it’s gonna look.

Step 3: Open your sketch photograph.

Step 4: Press control and m buttons together in your keyboard which brings a popup curves window.

Step 5: Now the fun part, play with this little arrows until you are satisfied.

Step 6: save it as jpeg file and you are done.

You can see how better my sketch was instantly with just few clicks. Hope you like this.

Try and tell me how it worked for you in comments. If you like it, please take a moment to share.

In my next tutorial, I’m gonna take you to more advanced and excited techniques.

Till next time,


5 Minute fashion sketching series #sketchin5 (sketch 5)

This is cut out technique and you will need a printer for this to photocopy.

P.s. This is #sketchin5 series, where you can find how to draw fashion sketches in 5 minutes or less. Here i cover all the easy and advanced techniques I personally use when making fashion sketches. I already covered all the basics of fashion sketching in my 30 days fashion sketching course.

Step 1: Download the templates from the library or make your own croquis.

Free fashion design templates #sketchin5

Step 2: Draw any Dress or use mine below.

Step 3: Cut away the dress from the croquis.

Step 4: Place the croquis in any interesting surfaces and that surface forms as a pattern. Cool right? No need to fuss! Just place on a surface and photograph it. you can use fabrics, outdoor scenes, leaves, flowers, almost anything.


Step 5: Photocopy and render. Voila! (you can find quick help on rendering here and you can find in depth tutorials in this free course).

See you with the next tutorial.

Till next time, Lekha 🙂

5 Minute fashion sketches series #sketchin5 (sketch 4)

Today we explore tie and dye technique which is the most easiest and quickest fashion sketching technique. All you need to do is wet the surface with plain water and drop the paint little by little in any pattern on it. Finally the water on the surface spreads the color leaving tie and dye effect.

P.s. This is #sketchin5 series, where you can find how to draw fashion sketches in 5 minutes or less. Here i cover all the easy and advanced techniques I personally use when making fashion sketches. I already covered all the basics of fashion sketching in my 30 days fashion sketching course.

Step 1: Download the templates from the library or make your own croquis.

Free fashion design templates #sketchin5

Step 2: Draw the clothes or use mine.

Step 3: wet the surface with lots of water and add little drop of color and you can see the color spreads throughout, which looks like this.

Step 4: For the pant, wet with water and in stead of drops i painted straight lines, you can use circles or any kind of patterns. Just keep experimenting.

Step 5: Let it dry completely and add shading with dark color pencils or black and finally outline in black pencil or marker. You can find quick help in coloring here and if you can find in-depth lessons about coloring in the Free course.

So That’s it! I can’t wait to see how your sketches turned out. Use the hashtag #sketchin5 so I can find you.

Until next time….

Lekha 🙂

5 Minute fashion sketches #sketchin5 (Sketch 3)

Sometimes a simple geometrical shape can turn into amazing masterpiece. Today’s technique is about turning triangles into beautiful fashion sketch.

P.s. This is #sketchin5 series, where you can find how to draw fashion sketches in 5 minutes or less. Here i cover all the easy and advanced techniques I personally use when making fashion sketches. I already covered all the basics of fashion sketching in my 30 days fashion sketching course.

Step 1: Download the templates from the library or make your own croquis.

Free fashion design templates #sketchin5

Step 2: Draw any shapes on your template. It can be circles, squares or anything.

This beautiful template is from designersnexus.com, Here I have a list of places to find beautiful templates.

Step 3: Fill the shapes with your favorite colors. In fashion sketching course, we already covered how to choose colors for your fashion illustration. Render skin (You can find quick help in skin rendering here).

Step 4: Outline with black. You can use dark color pencil in place of black for more natural look, however I like to use black for modern look.

I hope you enjoyed as much I enjoyed making it. I can’t wait to see how your sketch turned out. Use the hashtag #sketchin5 so I can find you. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments.

See you with the next tutorial.

Until then….

Lekha 🙂

Make fashion sketches in 5 minutes #sketchin5 (sketch 2)

Fashion design | How to draw fashion sketches , fashion illustration for beginners

This is one of my favorite techniques I often use in surface ornamentation for sparkles, pearls, borders and many more.

P.s. This is #sketchin5 series, where you can find how to draw fashion sketches in 5 minutes or less. Here i cover all the easy and advanced techniques I personally use when making fashion sketches. I already covered all the basics of fashion sketching in my 30 days fashion sketching course.

Step 1: Download the templates from the library or make your own croquis.

Free fashion design templates #sketchin5

Want to design a fashion collection? Discover the making of a clothing line, from concept to runway along with the downloadable checklist to help you to make your own fashion collection. Click here to download >>> fashion collection, fashion collection illustration, fashion collection inspiration, fashion collection sketchbooks, fashion collection design, fc sketches fashion collection themes inspiration, fashion collection themes ideas, fashion line, starting a fashion line, clothing line diy, clothing line ideas

Step 2: Draw clothes on the templates or use the image below to get started.

Step 3: Paint the skin and clothes in flat color. you can learn more about coloring in the 30 days free course or if you are in hurry, here is a quick tutorial about coloring.


Step 4: Draw thick lines in any dark color, wherever you wanted.

Step 5: Use white gel pen or white paint and add dots throughout the lines and outline with black pen or pencil and you are done!


This technique can be applied for any sketch and sky is the limit. keep experimenting. Below is my previous sketch and you can find the same technique that I used on sleeves and neck area.


Till next time


5 minute fashion sketching series #sketchin5

Fashion sketching is the most mesmerizing process but sometimes it may seem scary especially when you are starting out and many people often quit because it takes lots of time to make one.

Because you are reading this, I know how passionate you are in fashion sketching and you are looking forward to improve your skills.

So here my friend, I bring you #sketchin5 series where I’m going to take you to the short and sweet journey in fashion sketching.  The whole idea is about how to make fashion sketches in 5 minutes or less. ( Yup less time than combing your hair) and to inspire you to grab your sketchbook and start sketching right away. I wanted to keep this less reading and more working.

Before we begin, grab your free templates from the library to follow along. You can find more templates here. Oh yes, If you want to learn step by step fashion sketching, check out my 30 days free fashion sketching course.

Now without any delay, Let’s make Glitterefic sketch

Step 1: Print your templates and draw the outfit. Of if you want to use mine, here you go. Right click and save.

Free fashion design templates #sketchin5
Free fashion design templates #sketchin5

Step 2: Paint any color of your choice as the base and add the skin color. If you want little help with this, refer to this post.

Free fashion design templates #sketchin5

Step 4: Apply glue as you like and stick the sequins.

Step 6: Finish it off with an outline in black pencil and you are done!

Free fashion design templates #sketchin5
Free fashion design templates #sketchin5

Step 3: Now take sequins and glitter of any color. You can even use ribbons, buttons or any material that’s available to you.

Free fashion design templates #sketchin5
Free fashion design templates #sketchin5

I can’t wait to see how your sketch turned out. Try it and post it in social media using #sketchin5 hashtag so I can easily find you 🙂

So that’s it for today and see you soon with next #sketchin5 tutorial.


The truth about Fashion Sketching: Types, Time and Money

First of all, if you are a fashion illustrator or the one who wants to make money with your fashion sketches, then this post is might not be for you! And if you are a designer, who design clothes and use fashion sketching to communicate ideas into paper, then definitely yes, I’m talking about you.

Fashion Sketching

We all Knows fashion sketching plays a major role in designing to preview and visualize our thoughts and make decisions before going to actual clothing to reduce any wastage. But do you ever wonder how exactly fashion sketching is useful in reality (in business and dealing clients), what types of sketches we use when we design and how much time to spend and how much money to afford on sketching material? Let’s figure out the insights and dive little deeper into fashion sketching.

The 3 types of Fashion Sketching

When we learn fashion sketching, we only strive to put all our efforts in rendering beautiful fashion sketches. But in reality If we breakdown fashion sketching, there are 3 types of fashion sketches that we were going to use throughout work-time when dealing with clients or making a collection, which are:

Quick Fashion Sketching

Nothing but rough sketches to doodle on sketchbook to generate ideas. When designing for a client or brainstorming ideas, I draw multiple rough sketches with different ideas and possibilities and finally grab one from here and one from there and convert them into a brand new design or these could be used to give options to your client. Quick sketches are basically like one minute sketches to put ideas on paper which are very much used almost every single day. Develop a quick hand of sketching is very helpful throughout the design process. Nothing fancy, start doodling whatever you feel and try to put on paper!

Rendered Fashion Sketches

These are the ones which we are pretty much aware and spend lots of time for perfection. But we use these fashion sketches very less! Rendered fashion sketches depict the virtual product along with fabric and all details. These are mainly used to give previews to the buyer or press releases or look-books to give sneak-peak  entire collection or to make presales of the product. Mainly used by fashion students in building up their portfolios.

Since these sketches takes up pretty much time, many are opting for fashion croquis templates to save time.

 Flat Fashion Sketch

The most important fashion sketches that plays major role in producing a garment,  depicted in flat form with all the details like seams, zippers, trims, style lines, stitch lines and technical hardware of a garment. Flat fashion sketches allows the seamstress and production unit to understand the design and acts as the main communication tool to make garments alive. Flat sketches are also made into line-sheets and then proceeds to buyer.

Sew Heidi offers amazing free tutorials of fashion flat sketches through illustrator school stuff and subscribing her newsletter offers lots of freebies every week directly to your mail. Do it now!

Out of all these fashion sketches, I spend lots of time with quick sketches to brainstorm ideas and put them on paper as soon as an idea hits. Secondly flats to produce the garment for clients and collection and rarely use rendered sketches and the reason behind was Time.

How much time to spend on Fashion Sketching?

We all think that we have more time than money, but one hour could earn hundred dollars but hundred dollars can’t earn a single minute back. Time is more valuable than money. we need to automate things or make them simple and spend that valuable amount of time on something more important on productive. In this case, When we deal with clients, mostly we ends up with clients who need their garment in a week or two. If not, there are chances to loose a client. So the toughest part is to maintain both quality as well as time. If I have 2 weeks to make an outfit, I need to develop designs, fabric selection, surface ornamentation, pattern design, sew, finishes, press and pack. So there’s no point to spend one whole day in rendering beautiful fashion sketch. Instead i could spend few minutes on quick sketches and flat sketches and invest the remaining amount on somewhere else.

How much do I spend for fashion sketching material

Apart from fashion illustrators, When you are especially starting out, I do not suggest markers or any expensive art material. sure they give awesome results and quicken the process but my point is every cent counts in business. A sketch made from water colors is lot cheaper than a sketch made with markers. When you design for client, cost of the sketch counts too. If you design for $10 and you invest $3 in sketching, then that doesn’t make any sense. Instead you could spend on fabric or quality seamstress that provides more quality and value.

Here comes the end.

Fashion sketching as a student is entirely different than in real business. Hope you go some clarity about how Fashion sketching is used in real life.

If you find this helpful, let me know through comments and do help me by spreading a word through share.

Fashion Figure Templates

Fashion Sketching is the first thing we do as soon as an idea hit our brain. As a beginner, drawing a croquis itself takes lots of time and by the time we want to transfer your ideas into design, we might miss any details. It’s good to put designs on paper as soon as possible to avoid any mess. This is where free fashion figure templates come handy.

Before we begin, If you want to learn How to Design Fashion Collection, I recently put together 5 Days Fashion Inspiration Challenge, Which you can download by clicking the image below.

What are Fashion Figure templates and why should we use them?

Fashion templates have became very popular these days in fashion industry with many designers using them, as the croquis are already pre-printed on paper and its easier and faster to draw your designs straight onto ready drawn models, rather than blank sheet of paper to encourage quick sketching.

Where to find free fashion figure templates?

Brands like fashionary offers a complete design solution through fashionary sketchbook and the offer free croquis templates as well. When it comes to free fashion croquis templates, there are tons of resources around the web, which I handpicked few of the best sources. And yes I’m on my way to prepare huge croquis bundle which will be available very soon for free. Now let’s get started with the list!

 How to use Fashion figure templates?

I recommend to download them and print all croquis and bind or file them and keep on adding everytime you find any new one. Trace the croquis on fresh sheet of paper by using light box and start designing. So every time you need to sketch, you have a big bundle of croquis right next to you in one place. Other way to use fashion croquis templates, which is quicker and i always use is to make it transparent or lighten the croquis while printing and print on bond paper or any art paper and start sketching directly on it. Either ways, Instead of spending time on croquis, one can directly focus on designing fashions right away. [bctt tweet=”Speed up your #fashionsketches with these fashion #croquis” username=”sewingnpatterns”] Grab your free croquis templates from library

design your own clothes

Hope this free fashion croquis templates list is helpful to you, if i miss any, do let me know so i could add. If you liked it, do take a moment and help me by spreading a word through shares.