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Fashion Sketching is the first thing we do as soon as an idea hit our brain.

As a beginner, drawing croquis itself takes lots of time and by the time we want to transfer your ideas into design, we might miss any details.

It’s good to put designs on paper as soon as possible to avoid any mess. This is where free fashion figure templates come handy.

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Also, templates can help you to speed up the fashion sketching process.

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What are Fashion Figure templates and why should we use them?

Fashion templates have become very popular these days in the fashion industry with many designers using them, as the croquis are already pre-printed on paper and its easier and faster to draw your designs straight onto ready drawn models, rather than a blank sheet of paper to encourage quick sketching.

Where to find free fashion figure templates?

Brands like fashionary offer a complete design solution through fashionary sketchbook and the offer free croquis templates as well. When it comes to free fashion croquis templates, there are tons of resources around the web, which I handpicked a few of the best sources. And yes I’m on my way to prepare huge croquis bundle which will be available very soon for free. Now let’s get started with the list!

 How to use Fashion figure templates?

I recommend to download them and print all croquis and bind or file them and keep on adding every time you find any new one.

Trace the croquis on a fresh sheet of paper by using a lightbox and start designing.

So every time you need to sketch, you have a big bundle of croquis right next to you in one place.

Another way to use fashion croquis templates, which is quicker and I always use is to make it transparent or lighten the croquis while printing and print on bond paper or any art paper and start sketching directly on it.

Either way, Instead of spending time on croquis, one can directly focus on designing fashions right away.

Grab your free croquis templates from the library

Hope this free fashion croquis templates list is helpful to you, if I miss any, do let me know so I could add. If you liked it, do take a moment and help me by spreading a word through shares.

P.S. Also, make sure you check this Free Masterclass on Fashion design. This is one of my favorite trainings I ever made… and this free fashion sketching course


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