If you are like an individual who wants to launch your career in fashion. Be it a fashion designer, Indie pattern designer, seamstress or any fashion enthusiast, who likes to design and make their own or others wardrobe and make some money working from home either by freelancing or business. Then you are in the right place!

Sewingnpatterns will be a go to resource place to get you started, From the insights of designing a successful garment, fashion sketching tips and techniques to stretch your creativity and knowledge. Sewing basics and lots of free sewing patterns to start with your own collection. Selling strategies and ways to set up and sell your collection right from home!



Ok! if you may wonder who is behind sewingnpatterns then.
Learn step by step fashion design tutorials which includes fashion illustration, pattern drafting, sewing, fashion business and fashion freelancing with lots of free downloads and printables.And also Check out the free fashion sketching course here https://goo.gl/bTalfd

Hi I'm Lekha

I was 12 when I figured out what i wanted to be, the first smile of satisfaction when i designed my first tee with my favorite cartoon had made me to signup for a fashion school (NIFT), which helped to gain enough knowledge to begin with.

I choose to be freelancer after years working for several organizations, I realized job has many limitations of creativity to meet the needs of particular brand and found its really hard when you cant explore your creativity.

Freelancing is quiet a lot hard work and lots of sleepless nights, yet the process of how an idea and a sketch turns alive into a product is an amazing experience which inspires me to refine my knowledge and learn new things every single day, making me a better resourceful person.

And yes above all, I'm a mom to an adorable naughty little boy, who keeps me active and busy every single minute 🙂

If this sounds interesting to you, then please take a moment to join me on my journey.

Just like you, there are plenty of things I'm still figuring out. But together we can help each other achieve our dreams.

I really want to get connected with you. Please write me couple of lines about yourself, challenges or problems regarding career and successes to get to know you better.

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