A 5 Days Step by Step easy to implement Online Course that helps you Design a Fashion collection that people actually loves to buy.

Ready to Turn Your Passion Into Reality of Becoming A Fashion Designer?

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MODULE 1: Range Planning

By the end of this module, you will get super clear on who are you designing for, what do they need and how do you choose what to design.I’m going to give you away the exact survey word-to-word questions that I use for designing hundreds of fashion collections for boutiques. Then I walk you through how you can use the survey to define your ideal client and finding the opportunities. I will help you to decide what she needs for the season and how many pieces to create. Finally we work on the range planning worksheet to put all the things together followed by actionable checklist

MODULE 2: Style Direction

In this module, I’m gonna walk you through my 3 methods of trend research and the places to look for trend reports. Then we are gonna filter the information that fits for your own client  and then create trend report followed by creating style board.

MODULE 3: Mood Board

In this module, I’m gonna walk you through 3 formats of moodboard, then I teach you 2 unique techniques to come up with endless themes even if you have no idea. Then we build the moodboard and come up with the principles.

MODULE 4: Color And Fabric

In this module, I’m gonna walk you through choosing the basic colors, adding the trend colors and converting them to a color palette that your client loves. Then we create an advanced color palette. Then I help you understand different fabrics and choosing the right fabrics with 3 different tests. Finally we are going to create a collection brief and put all the things in one place.

MODULE 5: Design Development

This is my most favorite module where I walk you through mt signature 40-30-30 Rule to develop profitable designs for your collection and the unique techniques to develop unlimited designs that you don’t find anywhere else. Then I’ll walk you through developing key pieces and refining the designs for more profit, followed by bonus resources. By the end of this module, you will have hundreds of designs in front of you.

As part of this package, you’re going to get training workbook. This will be your best friend throughout this training.

When you have this workbook with worksheets and templates, you’ll be able to quickly implement this whole training and you will be able to get rid of any confusion on where to start or what to do.

When I was first figuring out this whole designing thing, All the information out there it’s like too much and it takes a lot of time to implement. And then getting overwhelmed and not doing anything. 

And this is why I distilled down to the main information and pulled the exact worksheets and templates that help you spend less time but gives the maximum results. And I’m going to give it to you with this package. Sound cool?

When you use this tool, not only do you save the time and money I spend to develop it, but you also save what could be months or years of wasted time and money because you’ll be doing it right the first time. There’s no trial and error period.

When you invest today, you’re also going to get access to Design Development Masterclass, which will help you with my unique 6 step process that shows your from inspiration to a final design. 

Back then when I had this whole inspiration and mood board ready, I don’t really know how I can turn that inspiration into real designs. Until I discovered this process that helps with designing silhouettes, prints, details and all cool stuff. If you ever felt like you are not creative enough, you will never say that again. Creativity becomes a lot easier with this.

It took me years to figure this out but you won’t have to because I’m giving you as a special bonus.

At this point, if you are thinking like I don’t know how to draw, i’m not artistic at all.

When you invest today, you’re also getting 30 days fashion sketching course valued at $47.

 If you tried to learn fashion sketching online, you find a bunch of tutorials here and there but you never know where exactly to begin or end. And this is the reason that I spend almost 6 months to create this 30 days fashion sketching course. Each day you get a tutorial and a task and templates and by the end of these 30 days, you will be able to make fashion sketches so easily.

And now I’m going to give you as a special bonus.

Well you might be thinking, fashion design is so new to me and I don’t even know the basic things.

And this is why I created 8 days Fashion designer essentials training valued at $27. Each day you will be given a 15 minutes task for the 8 days and by the time, you will set up all the essentials of a fashion designer. Things like goal setting, Research and all groundwork stuff.

This is something that no one teaches in any fashion school and you need years of experience. But luckily you got all the shortcuts you need without worrying about failure.

But not just that… Once you have completed this process and learn to design fashion collections, As a fashion designer, you need to create fashion collections every season. And this is why I put together this quick fashion collection workbook valued at $27. 

Once you learned the strategies inside the course, You can just print this out and use it every single time you need to create a clothing line. It’s a super handy tool.

You are going to get this as a bonus when you enrolled today.