Do you want to design , create your own dress

and become your own designer?

May be…

  • You love to customize things and develop your own style.
  • You don’t find clothes that you would like to wear that actually fit.
  • You want to wear clothes that makes you feel unique and confident.
  • You love to wear designer wear but can’t afford high fashion.

Just imagine…

what if you have wardrobe full of perfectly fitted clothes that are designed by you and never had to look back or stuck what to wear for parties or life events, bringing you more joy, Getting a Designer Status that makes you feel Unique when people around you start complimenting your dresses?

How will it change your life?


Dress Design Lab

A 20 Days Program, that guides you How to design, decorate and make your own dresses that fits your body.

This Program Walks you through:

  • My Signature Process of Designing Unique dresses.
  • How to plan surface ornamentation and application techniques.
  • Drafting Basic Dress Pattern.
  • Developing Dress Pattern to Endless Styles of Dresses.
  • Advanced Design and Pattern Drafting Skills.
  • Project Planning.

You will get 20 Lessons delivered INSTANTLY in a BEAUTIFULLY PACKED PDF, which comes with $53 Worth BONUSES For FREE

BONUS 1: SEWING PLANNER (valued $17)

This Planner helps you Discover your personal style and plan your Dream wardrobe so that you can make your customized clothing purposefully without chaos.

This planner is delivered in printable worksheets with easy to follow instructions which helps you with research and inspiration, Planning time for sewing, Project planning, Fabric Stash organizing, Fashion sketching to name a few.


This Fashion Croquis bundle helps you to make professional Fashion Sketches with pre-made templates, so you don’t have to start drawing from scratch whenever you feel inspired.

This bundle comes with printable templates and multiple poses to choose from, that fits any type of clothing which saves you tons of time and make sketches that are in proportion and professional.


Basic Slopers set offers Ready to use printable sewing patterns of Basic Bodice, Sleeve, Skirt that helps you make customized clothing without worrying about fit. With these slopers, you can create your dream wardrobe with endless styles without spending a lot time drafting from scratch. These slopers are home print patterns in multiple sizes.

if this sounds interesting to you,

I personally invite you to join me in dress design lab

$97  $37

That’s right! Pay $37 and get materials worth $150. Hurry up before bonuses expire!

Please Note: All the bonuses expires in 2 days. You only get these discount and bonuses if you make purchase within 2 days.

P.S: Trying to figure it all by yourself is tough. I have been there and I know it’s a lot time consuming and overwhelming. Given the opportunity, I’d love to help your dream come true with simple techniques and quick results.

Because I have been doing this for years and helped hundreds of fashion individuals like you to build their dream wardrobes, I wanted to help you too!

Your Questions Answered:

Well that’s how I thought when I’m starting out, but that was a huge time investment. First, You need to search from thousands of materials online which is so overwhelming, then you need to experiment with each technique until you are successful that cost lots of wastage in fabric and time.

Even if you don’t buy this, I always suggest anyone to learn from someone who already journeyed there and has enough experience. This not only saves you tons of time but also helps you learn quick techniques and strategies. Time is huge! Remember we can’t but a single second even if we spend unlimited price.

Let’s be honest. How many clothes do you have in your wardrobe that you never wear? Because they don’t suit you or they don’t makes you feel confident. Just think about how much they costed you? How many times you felt that you have nothing to wear?

what if this course helps you build your dream wardrobe that you 100% suits you?

Mee too! But the process of how inspiration turns to sketches, design, patterns and the creation of dresses mesmerizes me like anything and helps me scrape every single second to pull at least 15 minutes a day for something I’m so passionate about. If you are anything like me, you can too! 

Since you can download the whole course, You can complete it at your own timings and own place from anywhere in this world.

Got another question? Reach me out at [email protected].